Monday, March 26, 2007

Pro's and Con's from the World Cup

Its good that India is out of super eights, for Indian Cricket, in general for cricket.
Pro's from the loss:
  • India has learnt it clearly does not deserve a place even in the top eight
  • Average, strike rate and whole bunch of runs and so called reputation is no longer a statistics to decide fate of the team.
  • Sponsors, ICC who, according to me give more importance to money than the game, would have learnt some lesson.
What according to me will be done by BCCI.
  • They would drop the coach( which sounds ok as his contract expires).
  • They may drop the captain( according to me is not a good decision).
  • Future prospects like Uthappa, Dhoni would be removed from the team, and old but reputational so called super starts will be retained.
  • Virendhar Shewag will be in the team, come on guys, he scored a great century against a great team, so Veeru back to form.
  • They would again hyphe the practice sesions saying the team will practice along with Indain Navy this time :-).
What would I do if I was the borad president( Konjam over than )
  • Drop all the batsmen except for Yuvraj(feilding),Uthappa( he is playing his first world cup, when people having 10k runs cannot deliver, why drop him? )
  • Bring back your fielding heros, Kaif, Raina and other youngsters who are brilliant in the feild.
  • Make bowlers who are more aggressive like Sreesanth to play every game.
  • Just send this team across one series and see how it works out.( anyways even if we send the normal team, they are going to lose :-) )
  • This will put pressure on senior players to perform, and their performance should be credited only if they do so outisde India.
  • For some reason, I would Retain Dravid, who is modest, good overseas and a gentlemen role model.
I don't mean to say the senior players would never get a chance to play, its just to create some pressure on them to perform.
Everything I spoke here is impossible, as this is India. If we had this much courage in decision making,we would have been playing super eights in the carribean right now...


Haarish said...

DK, Hmmmm, this is exactly what Team India needs. Force the guys to think about the game rather than mere money bags!
Let them slumber until it comes crashing into them that they failed, failed miserably!

Vijesh said...

Nice thought and compose! Some points are really valid!

But one thing I saw lacked in your though was, you were standing on the surface of national team and spoke. But we need to scratch the surface. Clean the division and Ranji level first. Got to see if the right talent is broomed. You got to accept one fact, the reason that Aus are good is not they take the sport so professional. Also because they play hard/tough cricket at the lower division level.

Me being a cricket lover enjoying other nations cricket now, hoping my nation will play well one day! :)

Unknown said...

i agree arun....india should first get refined in Decision making.And lets remember cricket is a game and criketers are just players.So theres nothing wrong in thinking about a replacement when a player keeps failing....
I persnally felt very dissapointed when pple who were my heros (sachin,dravid) were trembling after loosing....

Anonymous said...

also dinesh karthik deserves a place.. leading wicket-takers in world cup '07 r spinners, but indian spinners didn't make an impact. prob next choice would be piyush chawla..

also selection committee 'll hav few changes i guess!!