Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Whooo haaa INDIA!!!

World Cup is up, and everyone are having their hearts in the mouth coz India, as usual, is into another do or die situation. And a personal feeling I have is, we never lost to a minnow. We lost to a side which is felding like they are having wings. And I feel, the difference between the two sides was the feilding. India was too casual in the feild, Dhoni missing a catch, which was not that difficult, off Munaf and Dravid missing a difficult chance, which the Bangladeshians would have surely taken.
Let India have the best batting line up in the world and a very experienced and clever bowling attack, they will never be champions until they grab the chances their bowlers ignite by feilding well.
I saw a television show in Jaya TV, in regard to cricket, when one of the selectors said that, when asked about Kaif's ommision from world cup, Vengsarkar said, we cannot take him into the team just for his fielding. And so they have taken Shewag and Pathan, who did excellently with bat/bowl, so ironic. Atleast Kaif was felding and gauranteed saving 20 runs/innings, even though he didnt bat well like shewag. The selection commitee, the board, the players have one concern that is more important than the game, and thats, personal interest.
ICC knows the loss it wil incur if India is out of the torunament soon. So they would surely try some bargaining. "Whoo haa India" - very sad India...
Jonty Rhodes once in an interview, said he used to bat at number 8 or 9, and the only job he did was feilding. Kaif was an exception. If kaif was in the squad and if he could save some runs and throws at stumps, your teams confidence is so high...
Indian cricket is more run by Politics, Money, Perosnal Interest and Greed, rather than talent.
But still, some where in my heart, I want INDIA to be there and win the Worlc Cup :-). this is the weakness Indians have, to be with your team even after knowing all this, wat to do, I am an Indian :-).


Vijesh said...

Good start da.
Nice topic to write about. Vengsarkar point was the highlight.

Keep expressing more on your space! [:)]

Anonymous said...

if kaif is good fielder equally good is Raina.. but thisz a well balanced side... lets hope they do well..

Also karthik is choosen 4 his fielding capablities.. also 4 his sensible batting.. but he didn't get a chance..

Srihari said...

Good opening start by DK ... He has used the powerplay very well and lets see how he performs in the middle overs .. ( i meant the blogging space )

Hope to find more cricket blogs in this space :-)...