Monday, September 6, 2010

VA Quarter Cutting

They are one of the my favourite Tamizh directors and their first movie is in my all time top 10 list. Pushkar and Gayathri are coming up with a super movie called VA quarter cutting. The trailer is awesome, very differently made and the music too is very good. Every song in it has a intro song for 15 seconds.
Okay, now the point of writing this here to understand what VA means in the movies name.
I got this link from one of my fiends :
In thooya Tamizh, fractions are represented using alphabets and the alphabet வ(VA) represents 1/4, that is, quarter. I was impressed after hearing this. One of my favourite directors coming up with such a creative name. I am not very sure if that is the actual reason behind the name but I assume so.
Nevertheless, the moving will be officially named VA with quarter cutting as the caption and this would ensure tax exemption as the movie name is in Tamizh.
Tamizh cinema is reaching new heights from the past decade with very creative, native and technically sound directors coming up and in the same gang, we have a pair who concentrate on local Madras culture. KUDOS to them and I hope the movie crosses expectations.