Friday, April 24, 2009

Dhoni - Why are you spoiling my local Chennai team???

What an irony that the most successful captain of the Indian national side is at least 70% responsible for the unbearable and ridiculous combination of the Chennai Super Kings IPL team this year.
I am pissed off with Dhoni due to:

1) The fact that the local TN players are not given a point to prove in the side.
2) If Dhoni has some personal problem with Badrinath, he could at least relieve him from the team, so that Badri could join some other franchise where he would be respected for his middle order batting skills at no 4.
3) Promoting himself at no 4 where he is dumb and useless, just keeps rotating his bat as if he is preparing payasam.
4) Picking R. Ashwin in the main XI as specialist spinner and not giving him a single over. Also, letting him bat at no 11.
5) Batting order decision in all three matches was pathetic, the main reason for losing 2 games.

Flintoff and Morkel have been useless so far. Mr Dhoni, please come out of your ego and dumbness, give chance to some good openers like Vidyut, Badri. Else, please leave our local team and go join some franchise where you will be worshiped. We will be very happy to play with local players and small names rather than losing respect.