Monday, June 25, 2007

Sivaji - My Personal Review

Finally "The BOSS" hit the screens. Its a pity every movie gets dubbed in telugu. Sivaji released across 40 theatres in Hyderabad amongst which there was just one show at 8:45Am in just one theatre. What a pity...
I booked the ticket and was off for the show on Tuesday(5th day). The first time I wathced the movie, I felt something was missing. May be I was'nt in a good mood as I had bunked the training and was thinking of what the trainer is going to say.
I had booked again on Sunday to wathc the movie with my parents in the same theatre, and this time Sivaji Rocked.
For people who said the story was not strong, I wanted to ask what was wrong with the story. It was a good theme, with great screenply, with enough Rajni comedy and action. I want just one thing out of a Rajni movie "ENTERTAINMENT", 3 hours just flew both the times I saw the movie.
Superstart was looking stunning, and of course was Shriya Saran.
The only thing I felt is there is no need to spend so much for thalaivar's songs. Its enough if he is present in the song, adhu podhum. Set, location ellam no need. But, hats off to Athiradee and Oru koodai sunlight visuals. Vaaji vaaji also was very good.
And I have no words to describe the second half.
Here is a small conversation between Rajni and Suman in tea kadai:
suman's assistant : aiyaa ungala koopduraaru.
rajini : ungoyyaava ingey vara sollu.
rajini : goyyaa.ukaarunga.unoda books,hard disk,documents,panam, pinaami per la sothu,etc nu kanakula kaataama 200 crores black money iruku.
suman : adhuku enna ipo
rajini : bajji saapdu. saapdunga sir
rajini : enaku adhula paadhi venum..... aaah bajji la illai.andha 200 kodi la
suman : apdi illainaa
rajini : motha panamum income tax office kulla poidum. akkada choodu. remo maamaa.polaaam right.........hold on...un 200 kodiyum muzhusaa nakkitu poidum. cease,penalty,interest nu arrest variakum pogum... potu koduthadhuku enaku 10% 20 kodi reward kidaikum.epdi paathalum en business success dhan.
suman : velu, commisioner ku phone podu.
rajini : aadhi. nee onnum comedy kemedy pannaliye. adhu karupu panam chellam.complaint koduka mudiyadhu.thirudanuku thel kotnaa madhiri pothinu irukanum.
suman : nee thani aalu.en kaila govt eh iruku
rajini : en kaila un kudumiye iruku.... repeatu.......hold on... andha 100 kodi piraanji vai.engey epo vaangikurenu adutha phone la solren.tea saapdu.. thalaivaa evlo aachu
tea kadai payan : 20 rubaa anney
rajini : pannidu.andha 100 kodi la kazhichukalaam

vaadaa vaadaa vaangikoda vaaila beeda potukodaa...............

WOW!!!, too good and only Rajni can do this...
A speacial mention to Suman for his good performance..."Adhiseshan na pottu vechitu pongal saapadravannu nenachiya" was his best one liner.
And yes, finally, "THE BOSS, MOTTA BOSS" was the best part, Rajni's style ans ARR's rap for motta rajni was more than enough to satisfy everyone.
Last but not least, my parents enjoyed the moive so much and they were happy after watching a movie in theatre after 2 years( last one was chandramukhi ).
Thats the power of superstar, he will make everyone go for his movie and enjoy it.
Am sorry to say this but have to as a fan of superstar, People who say the movie is not good and there is no story(including me whne I saw first time), Go to hell and don't be beaten up by a Rajni fan, due to your jealously towards his fame.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Maestro

This was in draft for a long time, posting it only now. Then too, its worth it.
A week back, I watched "Cheeni Kum", a movie containign a seven song album from the maestro Ilayaraja. He cannot get more beter. what wonderful songs and a perfect selection of asking "Shreya" to use her voice box. Am just overwhelmed and the feel of listening to the songs make me happy. People who can make others happy are Gods like our super star. Ilayaraja is definitely one of them.
The best number from the album, Baatein Hawa, is posted

I jus dunno what I am writing

Am so fed up with the training sessions am attending that I decided I would write some crap here, instead of thinking of what to do.
Lets talk about life, is what I feel now. LIFE, I sometimes imagine why people are so desperate to spoil the peace or to do something out of the world in such a short span of say 65-80 years.
I sometimes feel, life is huge, there are so many days you remember to cherish and wai to occur. but on the contrary, a weird feeling also develops that may be life is too small, which drags me into a position where I feel like spending most of the time available. This thought is the reason sometimes for me waking up early, making me think whether am wasting some precious time sleeping. I know its weird, but am bored in this classroom and I have decided am gonna blaber, and u guys are gonna read ahead.
"Saagara Naal Therinji Pochu na Vaazhra Naal Naragam Aayidum, Sandhosham than Mukkiyam", is the line from the trailer of Sivaji- THE BOSS. And its quite true.
Alarmingly, I still donot understand the reason for most of the problems that becomes the part of life. Everyone knows the span of life, why not share then???
the trainer has left us, we can go for lunch, so enough of my vrap. Wil talk about Indian Democracy in my next post, Chal Seeya...