Friday, December 31, 2010

Whats is in my mind on the last day of this decade.

Life is a game, very typically, a game where you neither have a save option nor have more than one life(lives in a life). And memories are the only things that we like to cherish, can't reach there, but still heart rate increases, goosebumps spike up everytime you remember the best periods of your life.

And like everyone(high school to college to work to marriage) , the last decade has been the most eventful with respect to how much I can remember, how much I have learnt, how much good I have done and how much bad I have done. When I am alone, I sometimes try to sit back and think of the all these events, how childish I was on Dec 31st 2000, where I did not even want to think of all these. Time runs faster with age but your memories pause at so many places. In some places, you get happy and excited, in some places you heart becomes heavy and you want to press the undo button and redo it the better way so that your heart gets excited again.

Specific events I would always try to remember from this decade would include my DAV school life where I was transforming from a kid to something more than that, my rather phenomenal college life which comprises of the way I got in to the college, the fact that the first person I met and spoke to when I went for my college interview is my wife now, the relationships I share now with the close group of my college friends, the hostel life and many other numerous leaves I could pluck from my college life tree. I wil also remember the days I happyly spent with my cousin and Chennai friends. Life in a corporate needs no huge mentions, its been 4 years, its good, monotonous, cash ful and slightly independent. I would obviously remember this decade for my marriage which is one of the greatest things that has happened in my life.

Some incidents, people are never out of memories. The worst thing that happened to me this decade was the passing away of my two grandfathers. Its eventual to everyone, but when someone so dear to you is no more with you, it hurts a lot. I dream about them even today and I immediately wake up and then am never able to sleep for the night. It feels bitter to even think of the fact that the list will be additive, but do we have a choice?

Happy New Year 2011. Thank you 2000-2010 for giving me so much in life. You will always be remembered by me, always.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who thinks he should be dropped?

I am highly irritated with some of the comments in cricinfo asking Rahul Dravid to step down or asking team management to drop him after the second test in Durban. And from the comments, I can definitely say the people who commented do not enjoy or appreciate test cricket. I agree he is not in his best form, and has been short of runs in the last 4 innings. But, he has looked solid throughout. Except for the second innings dismissal where he got out playing a bad shot, he perished to gems of deliveries by Steyn and Morkel, something that we could definitely call the balls of the match. Even on the seaming and very quick track on the first day of the first test, he was the one who looked solid and was able to stay there without fear whereas the other batsmen like Gambhir and even Laxman were all over the place.

And not to forget, his match winning innings of 190+ against Kiwis just weeks before. Some could argue that they were not such a great team, but to be fair to them, they being ranked number 8 in the world drew twice against the number one team. And as a bowling unit, they were very good. Rahul Dravid played an innings of patience and with the great performance of our bowlers, we clinched the series.

In the third test, I hope he shuts the vocal chords and pen swords of ridiculous people who are suggesting him to be dropped and Laxman to move to number 3. I am rather amused with their lack of knowledge that they are talking about the best number 3 test batsman in the world along with Ponting. He may have been patchy from 2007 but he is not yet done. Most importantly, he is fitter than Raina, Gambhir or even Unadhkat for that matter and there could be no arguments with respect to this even for non supporters of him.

And yes, a huge congratulations to Rahul Dravid for reaching 12000 runs in test cricket and reaching it faster than Sachin and Ponting. And of course, congrats again for becoming the first man in history to take 200 catches in test cricket. And for the record, if some of you think he has reached this because he used to do wicket keeping, you are wrong again. He has taken all his catches as a non wicket keeper. Click here to check for yourselves.

The Wall has a point to prove in the third test and I hope he makes people realize again that Technique is Gold and Patience is King.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Va Quarter Cutting Review

Directors: Pushkar and Gayathri
Cast: Shiva, SPB Charan, Lekha, John David

First of all, Va is no where close to the duo's Oram Po . Oram Po was a masterpiece. Va is just another movie.

The movie revolves around a simple concept. A guy who is going to board a flight to Saudi is informed by the agent that he would not be able to consume alcohol in Saudi. He has just one night left in Chennai before which he wants to fulfill his wish of drinking alcohol. His would-be brother-in-law helps him achieve his goal. When we movie starts we have a number of incidents taking place simultaneously and the creativity of the directors is tested in how they relate the characters involved in the incident by the end of the movie.

1) Shivas one liners. They are very efficient and add a lot of value to the overall effort in making the audience sit in their seats. Otherwise the movie would have been very boring.
Some examples:
a) Commenting on Prince: "Ivaruku odambu edha seri illaya".
b) Commenting on Saro's mother: "Kozhuppa pathi ivanga pesaraanga".
c) Taking oath to vote for the politician: "Madha Pitha Guru Deyvam %$%$^$%^^^Devi Paradise!!! Kandippa vote ungaluku than".
2) Characterization of Charan, Prince, Saidapet SI and the "Suyetchei" politician.
3) BGM to some extent.
4) Lekha had nothing to do as Saro, but was cute. Not bad.

1) Songs choreography was pathetic. Very badly done.
2) Screenplay : With absolutely no story at all, the screenplay had to be very good, which was not the case. If Shiva was not there, people may have walked out during interval.
3) Climax: I thought the climax should have been even more twisted. It was ridiculous to see them boarding the lorry, which everyone would have anyways expected, and drink from there.
After seeing the directors creativity in Oram Po climax, I was expecting something like this:
Sura is not successful is fulfilling is goal for the night, says goodbye to Marthandam and Saro, boards the flight very unhappy only to learn that he is served alcohol in the flight itself. Such a climax would have been too good and would have added a lot of value to the movie.
Pushkar and Gayathri, please contact me for ideas in your next movie :-)

Overall, Va is average but definitely below expectations as the directors have set a benchmark in Oram Po and did not meet the same. But, definitely, good time pass movie which can be watched once.
Good luck to you guys for your next movie. We expect more from this pair of directors who have a completely different genre in mind.

Monday, September 6, 2010

VA Quarter Cutting

They are one of the my favourite Tamizh directors and their first movie is in my all time top 10 list. Pushkar and Gayathri are coming up with a super movie called VA quarter cutting. The trailer is awesome, very differently made and the music too is very good. Every song in it has a intro song for 15 seconds.
Okay, now the point of writing this here to understand what VA means in the movies name.
I got this link from one of my fiends :
In thooya Tamizh, fractions are represented using alphabets and the alphabet வ(VA) represents 1/4, that is, quarter. I was impressed after hearing this. One of my favourite directors coming up with such a creative name. I am not very sure if that is the actual reason behind the name but I assume so.
Nevertheless, the moving will be officially named VA with quarter cutting as the caption and this would ensure tax exemption as the movie name is in Tamizh.
Tamizh cinema is reaching new heights from the past decade with very creative, native and technically sound directors coming up and in the same gang, we have a pair who concentrate on local Madras culture. KUDOS to them and I hope the movie crosses expectations.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Raavanan Movie Review

To start with, I am a big Mani Ratnam fan. Expectations on this movie were sky high. It is not correct to call this movie disappointing, though I was disappointed to be honest.

Everyone knows the story, so I am not even going to talk about it. From a review point of view, I would like to list down the positives and negatives of the movie. Usually in a Mani movie, you have to search for negatives. Unfortunately, here they are right in front.

  1. Vikram : If he was not playing this role, forget about watching this movie. No wonder he has 2 national awards. Everything he does is good. Even the ' dum dum tap tap' whatever he says every now and then is brilliantly done. He is with no doubts the best in Tamizh cinema currently.
  2. Cinematography : Best till date in a Tamizh movie. Mind blowing.
  3. BGM : Many were saying it is not that great. But I loved it. Only one place where I did not like it is when a "kezhavi" sings Kattu Siriki during the fight between Veerayya and Raagini. I closed my ears.
  4. Karthiks(Hanuman) role: This seemed very annoying for many, but I liked it very much. His characterization is amazing even with the monkey antics. He did a great job, that too in the scene when he meets Veerayya.
  5. Some very specific scenes like Veerayyas proposal kind of scene to Raagini and the scene where Sarkarai and Dev meet and "usure pogudhey".
  1. The biggest drawback in the movie and the biggest strength in all Mani movies till date are the dialogues. Sujatha being missed very badly here. Even one dialogue is not upto Mani's standard and hence does not stay in you mind and heart.
  2. Dev's characterization: Mani has tried to project Veerayya as a guy who does not have just a bad side. In the process of doing that, Dev's character has been thrashed and instead of feeling bad for Veerayya in the climax, I felt irritated with the way it ended. When Vibeeshan(Sarkarai) could be killed by Dev which is a big twist, then why not a different ending. Of course, the counter argument would be the stupid media and other Hindu organizations who are wanting to get famous opposing this. But end of the movie, the feeling is not pity but irritation. This never happened in a Mani movie to me before.
  3. Lack of bonding between relationships: Again very unlike Mani. First and foremost, between Veerayya and Ragini. Secondly between Veeraya and his brother Kumbakarnan. Thirdly between Dev and Hanuman and last but not least, between Dev and Raagini. Lack of simple and powerful dialogues contributed to this as well.
  4. Priyamanis Flashback: Expect for the scene where Kumbakarnan carries a goat in his shoulders and jumps for ARRs tunes where I actually got goosebumps, the flashback does not stay in your heart. Ranjitha steals most of the flashback by appearing just below 15 seconds due to her "Nithya Leelaigal".
  5. The worst scene for me in the movie was when Dev holds the cut off shoulders of Priyamani's husband and asks for Veerayya. It may have some significance, I am not sure, but it irritated me too much.
Overall, if you forget this is a Mani Ratnam movie and watch it, you would actually say its decent for the effort put in physically, visually and in the script. But for Mani Ratnam's standard, this movie will not be listed in his all time top 10. No way.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kodu Potta - Raavanan

Raavanan songs are out and my pic is Kodu Potta, especially for the lyrics.
This movie definitely does not seem to be a romantic flick based on Ramayana. There is sure shot some social elements like Naxalism in it and to cover it up, the genuis has come up with a Rama Ravana abstraction.

Kodu Potta Konnu Podu Lyrics . Thanks to Santy for this.

Kodu Poata.. Konnu Podu..Vaeli Poata.. Hey Vetti Podu..Nethuvaraikum Unga Sattam Innaikirunthu Enga SattamKodu Poata.. Konnu Podu..Vaeli Poata.. Hey Vetti Podu..Villa Pola Valanja KootamVaela Potta Nimirnthu Vittoam
Soathula Pangu Kaeta Aada Ellayapodu EllayaSoththula Pangu Kaeta, Aavan Thalaya Podu ThalayaOoraan Veetu Sattathukku Ooru Naadu MasiyathuMaegam Vanthu Saththam Potta Aagayamdaen KaekathuPaatan Bootan Boomiya Yaarum Patta Poda Koodathu
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Pamba Kooda Pazhagi Pasum Paala Oothum SaathiThappu Thanda Sencha, Aada Appa Theriyum SaethiKalli Kaatu Pullathaachi Kallapetha VeeranadaJalli Kaatu Madu Kizhicha Sariyum Kudalae MaalaiyadaSetha Kezhavan Ezhuthivecha Ootha Sothu Veeramada
Kodu Poata.. Konnu Podu..Vaeli Poata.. Hey Vetti Podu..
Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey
Enga Kaathu Meensutta Vaasam AadikumEnga Thanni Eri Saarayam Poal OraikumVathi Pona Oosuroada Vaazhvaanae SamsariOru Sappathi Kalli Vaazha Vaenamae MummariEttukaani Pona Aada Evanum Ezha IllaMaanam Mattum Pona Nee Maika Naalae EzhaManaivi Maatha Mattum Illa Mannum Kooda MaanamthaanChiyaan Kaatta Thoandi PaathaSemman Oothu Rathamthaan
Ko Ko Ko Kodu Poata.. Konnu Podu..Vaeli Poata.. Hey Vetti Podu..Nethuvaraikum Unga Sattam Innaikirunthu Enga Sattam
Hey Hey Hey Hey..
Kodu Poata.. Hey Hey Hey.. Konnu Podu.. Hey Hey Hey..Vaeli Poata.. Hey Vetti Podu..
Nethuvaraikum Unga SattamNethuvaraikum Unga SattamNethuvaraikum Unga SattamInnaikirunthu Enga Sattam

Monday, February 22, 2010


This is the perfect word to hope and desire for an event of celebration that is going to commence.
And I was so proud of Mr X until 05/02/2010, whom I thought had coined this word. My respect grew for this guy after he coined it. It made absolute sense to coin this word for a party, dinner, sporting event, or for that matter even sleep. And it also drew me to a conclusion that reading new words and developing your vocabulary actually increases your command over a language by allowing you describe something with a word of such a simple stature :"LEGENDARY".

And on the above mentioned date, I realized a bigger fact. Watching a movie or a series in English is what is a more factual reason of great terms getting coined rather than improving vocab by learning new words.

A quote from HIMYM :
Barney: [at a party] Do you ever go behind the rope and touch it?
Employee at Liberty Bell Site: Only all the time.
Barney: Do you ever like, stick your head inside it?
Employee: Yeah.
Barney: Have you ever licked it?
Employee: Nope...I have never licked it.
Barney: I bet nobody in history has ever licked the Liberty Bell. If someone were to pull that off, I daresay it would be - what's the word? LEGENDARY.

PS: Guys who do not understand this post, please wait for the comment from Mr X.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A short holiday to God's own country


After attending my friends wedding in Thanjavur about which I have described here, me and my wife were all set for the Kerala trip we had planned by catching Ernakulam Express from Trichy.


We reached Cochin at 6:15 AM and our driver Saneesh was waiting for us as we zoomed to Kumarakom, a village near Kottayam around 70 kms from Cochin. We were to check in into a house boat of Paradise Resorts in Kumarakom. The resort folks were kind enough to give us a room for freshening up as the check-in time was 12 PM, thanks to our travel agent Evergreen Huts.

I always tell my friends I do not want to go for a trip but a holiday, and this was the time for the realization of the difference between the two. Perfect holiday for two days.

The houseboat was luxurious with a big deck consisting of 4 sofa chairs, cushions sit out areas around the border, tea table, dining table and a Samsung LCD TV. It had a very good bedroom with attached bath and a common wash area. We of course had a kitchen and refrigerator. Our cook in the houseboat was Smidheesh and our driver was Mr. Baby. Both were very friendly and courteous.

We started to cruise to Azhapuzha which was 20 kms from Kumarakom at around 12:30 PM in the Vembanad Lake. The view, the breeze and feeling of blending with nature could not be described while we were traveling in the boat. We were served Elaneer plucked in front of us from a coconut tree. We stopped for lunch at around 2. Typical Kerala lunch consisting of Kerala rice, pulishery, muttai-gose poriyal, Sambar, pappadam, curd and fruit salad. The cruise continued and we reached Azhapuzha at around 5. My wife wanted to eat Pazhampori(Banana(Nendhra Pazham) sweet bajji) and Smidheesh purchased the fruit from a boat side shop. Just while crossing Azhapuzha, we had tea, french fries and Pazhampori.

We reached a village called Kalignagiri around 4 kms from Azhapuzha on the way to Kollam and we halted there. Mr Jayakumar, JK as we called him was a villager of Kalignagiri who offered us a ride in a small boat around the village canals. We rowed along with him to view the streets(canals) and it felt like we are in a place like Venice but with everything around so natural.
Reports from Jk suggested there were around 2 lakh people in and around the village and their main occupation was selling fishes and prawns. The place Kalignagiri became so close to my heart that I still miss the place. We came back to the houseboat at 7PM. Dinner consisted of Chapathi, paneer, vendakka fry, paruppu fry and rice. We saw two episodes of HIMYM and here is where I saw the "Legendary" episode about which I am planning to write in my next posts.


Sunrise was beautiful. We started our cruise back to Kumarakom at 8. On the way, we had our breakfast consisting of Aapam, stew, bread toast and tea. The return drive was a shortcut and we checked out at Abad Whispering Palms, the resort where we had planned to stay for this day at around 9:45 AM. We had a warm send off from Baby and Smidheesh.

Whispering Palms is one of the many resorts in Kumarakom where the notion is to just sit by the lake and relax. We had booked a lake view room and the view from our sit out area was too good. Every 2 minutes we saw some boat pass by, birds hunting for fishes; great relaxation. The resort had a infinity swimming pool giving the feeling that it is joining with the lake. I swam for around 30 minutes and we were off for the Ayurveda massage at 11 AM. Massage and the steam bath after that made sure we were very hungry. Lunch was good, though very little for vegetarians. We could not control sleep, I think was the massage effect and the next thing I remember is it was 5:45 PM.

We had Kalari demonstration at 7:30 PM. It was mind blowing. I remembered Dams, my friend who is going to this class in Bangalore when I saw the performances. After the event, we roamed around the resort taking pics and then was dinner time. And then what, another 3 episodes of HIMYM.

Nothing much to speak about on this day. Felt very bad I was going to leave this place. Especially was missing Kalignagiri very badly.

One thing to note was there is absolutely nothing go about and see here except for a bird sanctuary. You see so many birds in front of you and hence the need to go there does not run into your mind. I highly recommend this place for a 2-3 day holiday. Not for bachelors though, this is ideal for couples or families.

Finally, I realized why Kerala is called God's own country now and I repent the fact that I missed to see such a wonderful place which is so near to Chennai for so long.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Married Life Vijesh and Abi

This is in due return of respect to the guy who always made sure he posted his friend's marriage pics and description on his blog.

First of all, a very good location to have a wedding. Thanjavur was fabulous, enjoyed the stay and sight seeing there. Second of all, the location of the hotel room; it was bang opposite to the mandapam making it very easy for the ladies in pattu podavai to reach the mandapam. Third and most important of all, the food; both breakfast and lunch were delicious and filling. We actually, went past the mandapam to see if they are serving evening tiffin :) .

We booked a taxi to go to Trichy where we had a train to catch. Wonderful under construction roads made sure we ate station parcel food for dinner by dropping us just minutes before departure.

Happy Married Life to Vijesh and Abi. Will meet you guys sometime in Chennai.