Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hurray!!! We prepared Veg Pulao

There you go, our story( me and srihari) of pulao preparation.
It was around 6:45 in the evening, whne we decided to prepare veg pulao for dinner. Planning to start at 8:30, we were in spencers daily at 8:40 sharp. We purchased basmathi rice( forgot the brand) , garam masala, ghee, finger chips and were off to vegetable shop getting beans, green peas, tomato, onion, carrot,chilies, karuvepplai, kothamalli and of course curd.
Here is how we prepared Pulao:
1) Soak basmathi rice(2.5 cups) in water.
2)Meanwhile cut all vegetables, cut my finger too :-).
3) Keep the vegetables( beans, green peas and carrot) in presure cooker. Wait for three whistles.
3) Put ghee in pan, add kadugu, onion, chillies and tomato, and fry till onion gets pink.
4) Add 1-1.5tsp garam masala.
5) Add chilli powder, salt.
6) Add a cup of water
7) Keep the gas in "sim" and colse the pan. Switch off gas after 5 mins.
8) Now in rice cooker ( electric) add 2.5 cups basmati rice, 5 cups water, the vegetables and the masal prepared in pan.
9) Nicely mix the, add a bit of salt and let it cook.
10)Switch off cooker after 20-25 mins. Wait for 10 mins for the rice to get better.
11) Serve with onion Raita.
Raita is simple to make( srihari made it, was too good ). Jus add salt, onion, small amount of water, chilies and chilli powder.
We had it stomach full( 11 PM) , and gave some to our neighbours, who were very happy to eat high quality veg pulao and onion raitha.


The Pensieve said...

Great going guys.We will try out this recipe sometime.At last you guys have learnt cook like your class girls.We are very proud. :):)

Came across your blog a few days back only.Will bookmark it.

Srihari said...

Will update you people with the next recipe soon.. I'm not sure whether the neighbors liked it , but it tasted yummy :-)