Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Va Quarter Cutting Review

Directors: Pushkar and Gayathri
Cast: Shiva, SPB Charan, Lekha, John David

First of all, Va is no where close to the duo's Oram Po . Oram Po was a masterpiece. Va is just another movie.

The movie revolves around a simple concept. A guy who is going to board a flight to Saudi is informed by the agent that he would not be able to consume alcohol in Saudi. He has just one night left in Chennai before which he wants to fulfill his wish of drinking alcohol. His would-be brother-in-law helps him achieve his goal. When we movie starts we have a number of incidents taking place simultaneously and the creativity of the directors is tested in how they relate the characters involved in the incident by the end of the movie.

1) Shivas one liners. They are very efficient and add a lot of value to the overall effort in making the audience sit in their seats. Otherwise the movie would have been very boring.
Some examples:
a) Commenting on Prince: "Ivaruku odambu edha seri illaya".
b) Commenting on Saro's mother: "Kozhuppa pathi ivanga pesaraanga".
c) Taking oath to vote for the politician: "Madha Pitha Guru Deyvam %$%$^$%^^^Devi Paradise!!! Kandippa vote ungaluku than".
2) Characterization of Charan, Prince, Saidapet SI and the "Suyetchei" politician.
3) BGM to some extent.
4) Lekha had nothing to do as Saro, but was cute. Not bad.

1) Songs choreography was pathetic. Very badly done.
2) Screenplay : With absolutely no story at all, the screenplay had to be very good, which was not the case. If Shiva was not there, people may have walked out during interval.
3) Climax: I thought the climax should have been even more twisted. It was ridiculous to see them boarding the lorry, which everyone would have anyways expected, and drink from there.
After seeing the directors creativity in Oram Po climax, I was expecting something like this:
Sura is not successful is fulfilling is goal for the night, says goodbye to Marthandam and Saro, boards the flight very unhappy only to learn that he is served alcohol in the flight itself. Such a climax would have been too good and would have added a lot of value to the movie.
Pushkar and Gayathri, please contact me for ideas in your next movie :-)

Overall, Va is average but definitely below expectations as the directors have set a benchmark in Oram Po and did not meet the same. But, definitely, good time pass movie which can be watched once.
Good luck to you guys for your next movie. We expect more from this pair of directors who have a completely different genre in mind.