Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some F1 Facts

* F1 car is made up of 80,000 components, if it were assembled 99.9% correctly, it would still start the race with 80 things wrong!

* When an F1 driver hits the brakes on his car he experiences retardation or deceleration comparable to a regular car driving through a BRICK wall at 300kmph!!!

* F1 car can go from 0 to 160 kph AND back to 0 in FOUR seconds!!!!!!!

* F1 car engines last only for about 2 hours of racing mostly before blowing up on the other hand we expect our engines to last us for a decent 20yrs on an average and they quite faithfully DO....that's the extent to which the engines r pushed to perform...

* An average F1 driver looses about 4kgs of weight after just one race due to the prolonged exposure to high G forces and temperatures for little over an hour (Yeah that's right!!!)

* At 550kg a F1 car is less than half the weight of a Mini.

* To give you an idea of just how important aerodynamic design and added down force can be, small planes can take off at slower speeds than F1 cars travel on the track.

* Without aerodynamic down force, high-performance racing cars have sufficient power to produce wheel spin and loss of control at 160 kph. They usually race at over 300 kph.

* In a street course race like the Monaco grand prix, the down force provides enough suction to lift manhole covers. Before the race all of the manhole covers on the streets have to be welded down to prevent this from happening!

* The refuelers used in F1 can supply 12 liters of fuel per second. This means it would take just 4 seconds to fill the tank of an average 50 liter family car. They use the same refueling rigs used on US military helicopters today.

* TOP F1 pit crews can refuel and change tyres in around 3 seconds. It took me 8 sec to read above point

* During the race the tyres lose weight! Each tyre loses about 0.5 kg in weight due to wear.

* Normal tyres last 60 000 - 100 000 km. Racing tyres are designed to last 90 - 120 km.

* A dry-weather F1 tyre reaches peak operating performance (best grip) when tread temperature is between 900C and 1200C.(Water boils boils at 100C remember) At top speed, F1 tyres rotate 50 times a second.

And that's not Magic…. Its only the Power of Human Imagination…

Courtesy: Naga

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Days Review!!!

For people who are wondering, what is "Happy Days", its a youthful telugu movie worth commenting on, as it will touch every ex-college student.
I was not that interested to watch this movie, but by chance went to the theater. To my surprise the movie was full. but we managed 10 INR tickets, get set to watch the movie from the third row.

The movie doesn't have any special story as such. Happy days means that your college days are your most happy days. The movie starts with the freshers welcome and ends on the farewell.
The movie was so much fun to watch, just because it made me remember most of my college days.
The same well known dialogue, "You mighty mighty senior, me dirty dirty junior, May sir I sir please sir know sir your sir name sir sir sir". And yeah our Tek Salute too was there. And thirdly, the assignments were written for the seniors.

Next, it was formation of gangs in a class. One character portrayed to be selfish than friendly. One, who is a son of MLA, one normal guy who has to listen to his dad's lecture everyday. And yeah, their counterparts in girls.
I personally liked a person named Tyson. He on his first day would ask a senior, about the seniors own girl friend.
Let me not elaborate more than this, even though there is nothing much to elaborate.
If you are fresh out of college and if you miss your college life, just go for this movie and relinquish your college days which are far from rewindable now.
After watching this movie, you will surely appreciate the title as it makes a lot of sense and to prove it, ask yourself.
PS: Prakash Raj has got the rights for this movie in Tamil.