Monday, November 30, 2009

Poomalai Vaangi Vanthar

I was watching Airtel Super Singer Junior in Vijay TV when I heard a small boy sing this song. I could not resist myself to hit youtube and listen to the original. Songs like these would stay alive for centuries. I have listened to the song before, but somehow loving it very much now. Hats off to Ilayaraja and Yesudas.

Movie Name: Sindhu Bhairavi (1985)
Singer: Yesudas KJ
Music Director: Ilayaraja
Director: Balachander K

poo maalai vaangi vandhaar pookkalillaiyae
seviyillai innoru isaiyedharku vizhiyillai innoru villakkedharku
naalum naalum aval ninaivil ivan azhaghup

kaiyil kinnam pidiththuvittaan inikkinra vishaththukkul irangivittaan
raagam thaalam marandhuvittaan rasiganin kadidhaththaik kizhiththuvittaan
isaikkoru kuyilenru paereduththaan irumalaiththaaninru surampidiththaan
manidhargal iruppadhai marandhuvittaan maanaththin maanaththai vaangivittaan
boadhaiyin paadhaiyil poaginraan thanmughamae thaan marandhaan
soodavum thoalillai aalillai ivan azhaghup

naetru sabadhangal eduththuvittan kudikkinra koappaiyai udaiththuvittan
meendum aval mugham ninaiththuvittan sabadhaththai avan ingu udaiththuvittan
kadarkaraiyengum manalvelliyil kaadhali kaaladi thaedinaar
mohanam paadum vaelaiyilum sindhuvil raagam paadinaar
vidhiyenum oonjalil aadinaar ????

Here is the link : poomaalai
Meltdown to the tune.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Congrats Nikolay Davydenko

Finally we have the winner of the prestigious world tour finals in London. And for every ones surprise, it is Nikolay Davydenko.
I have always seen him as a sore fighter who gives up if he loses a set. He has reached semis and finals of some grand slams and world tour finals, but he seemed to have missed the "something" factor. On his way to triumph, he defeated the 2009 Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open Champions in a single week. Another player whose name is worth mentioning is Robin Soderling, who made his finals debut due to the injury caused to Andy Roddick, but he proved to the world that he very much deserved a place in the top 8. Definitely, another surprise package of the tournament.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rahul Dravid

"The man who has till date made sure he gives enough confidence to his partner at the strikers end to go for his natural game feeling the optimism that even if things don't go well with him, there is a guy standing right opposite to him with a willow at a distance of 22 yards who would most often than not save the days game of cricket with sheer class."

- Arun DK.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Copy to clipboard from Gmail

I have observed a strange(may be not strange) thing when copying HTML content from gmail.
It does not immediately copy, but seems to be stuck for around 3-7 seconds after which your copy is successful. Try copying something from gmail(any HTML) and immediately paste it to a notepad, it would not paste anything or would paste what was previously available in the clipboard. In the meantime, the browser is nonfunctional.

Best Joker quote

"You… you just couldn’t let me go could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You are truly incorruptable aren’t you. You won’t kill me because of some misplaced sense of self-rightousness. And I won’t kill you because…you’re just too much fun. I get the feeling that you and I are destined to do this forever."

Sunday, November 1, 2009

GM diet - My Experience

For folks who have not heard about GM diet or want to know what it contains, this is my personal experience of the diet program.
To know more about GM diet, please see this :

Day One

All fruits except bananas. Your first day will consists of all fruits you want. It is suggested you consume lots of watermelon and cantaloupe.

Day Two

All vegetables. You are encouraged to eat until you are stuffed with all the new and cooked vegetables of your choice. There is no limit on the account or type. Avoid oil and coconut while cooking vegetables. Have large boiled potato for breakfast.

Day Three

Any mixture of fruits and vegetables of your choice. Any amount, any quantity. No bananas yet and no potatoes today.

Day Four

Bananas and milk. Today you will eat as many as eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk. You can also have one bowl of vegetables soup.

Day Five

Today is a feast day. You will eat 1 (one) cup of rice. You also have to eat 6 (six) whole tomatoes and drink 12 (twelve) glasses of water today to cleanse your system of the excess uric acid you will be producing.

Day Six

Today is another all vegetables day. You must eat 1 cup of rice today and eat all the vegetables you want cooked and uncooked to your heart's content.

Day Seven

Today your food intake will consist of 1 cup rice, fruit juice and all the vegetables you care to consume. Tomorrow morning you will be five to eight kilograms lighter than 1 week ago. If you desire further weight loss, repeat the program again. Repeat the program as often as you like, however, it is suggested that you rest for three days before every repetition.

The above is directly stolen from GM Diet
GM, stands for General Motors.

My Do's and Dont's while following this diet :
  1. Drinking 10 glasses of water everyday was very helpful. Please do it; it will help in removing toxins and fat from your body in the form of water wastage, which I experienced.
  2. As suggested eat a lot of water melon and musk melon (keerni pazham in tamil, also known as cantaloupe).
  3. Tomatoes are must on the 5th day. If you do not like tomatoes, reduce the content to 3 and have it as chutney.
  4. Try having Brown Rice on day 5. Brown Rice is not the Kerala rice, kerala rice is actually red rice. Brown rice will look like wheat when raw. I personally hated brown rice. It is very bad. Try to have it along with tomato chutney. By the way, one cup of rice is 125 gm of raw rice for the whole day.
  5. For 6th and 7th day, if you hate brown rice like me, have plain white rice.
  6. On all vegetables day, you can have subway salad. The only sauce that is suited is "Southwest", which is low fat. Just add a very small quantity of this sauce so that you would enjoy your foods taste.
  7. If you are able to clear Day 1, you will get used to thsi diet from 2nd Day dinner.
  8. On day 4, if this diet is working out for you, you will not be able to eat 8 bananas. 6-7 would fill your stomach.
  9. Please avoid sugar, milk(apart from day 4) and salt. This really helps.
  10. Work out aong with the diet is helpful, but do this from rice day.
A non vegetarian version of this diet is also available. I have no idea though. I reduced around 3.5 - 4 kgs and my body feels lighter.
It is worth trying out twice a year, but you need a lot of will power. One more final tip, on first day, do not take fruits as whole, cut them and eat, that would make the eating part easier. I thank my in-laws and wife for doing the favor of salad preparation and fruit cutting and etc etc which made this diet successful for me.

Please try this and let me know you experiences.