Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sivaji - the BOSS

Today was one of the memorable days I was waiting for. thnaks to karthik for pinging me and giving me a link where I could find songs of Sivaji. Am a great Rajni, for just a simple reason that he is the ultimate entertainer and the gives me a chance to watch a movie in theatre with my family coz my parents would never come to theatre, except for Rajni movies. The recent lists of movies I went with my parents are : Chandramukhi, Padayappa( 2 times ), Arunachalam, Muthu. Wat else to say, my parents were ready to come for Rajni movie twice. Thats superstar for you. Thing is my parents are never interested in movies at all, thats wat surprises me.
The songs are good, the same AR Rehman flavor, which no one will like the first time.
One song, his usual style song is too good.
My duty as a fan to give you the lyrics.
Film : Sivaji
Music : A.R.Rahman
Song : Oru Koodai Sunlight

\"oru koodai sunlight..
oru koodai moonlight..
ondraaga saerndha colour dhanay en white..
appo dhaan pichai karrupay,ippo dhaan chekka sivapay..
eppodhum pachai thamizhan,ippo naan vellai thamizhan...

ada ada ada asithudhu un style
nada nada nada nadapadhu un style
gada gada gada siripadhu un style
pada pada pada pesuvadhu un style..

kalakudhu un style,izhukudhu un style,jeikudhu un sytleee..
kozhandhaiku un style,izhasukku un style,perusukku un styleeee..

ada ada ada asathudhu un style
nada nada nada nadapadhu un style
gada gada gada siripadhu un style
pada pada pada pesuvadhu un style
suda suda suda thoduvadhu un style
thada thada thada adhiradi un style
adikadi mudi kalaivadhu style
vara vara ellamay style....

ragalai seiyura thiru veera
mirala sei manmadha maara
kavi thedum kalaga kaara
kann thadavum kandhala maara
ginn nidru kanniya koora
thinn nindru vellai kaara...

adada nee kaithadi mittai
nadandhayae maraikira kattai,
irundhayae uruvathail ettai,
malarndhayae kozhu kozhu muthai,
ice nadhiyai nerambukul vittai,
g ennum sollilay suttai,
eiffel tower idhayathil nattai,
pattasai paatai,...

a o a o lets throw the fido
a o a o lets throw the fido
hero hero heraadhi hero
staro staro nee superstaro\"...

Sivaji - Indeed is a BOSS...
Nallavana aandvan sodhipaan, aana kei vida maatan...


Vijesh said...

I cant even remember the last time I went for a film with my parents!
Got to break the ice by taking them to Shivaji.

Anonymous said...

machi that style song kalakuthu da..
oru koodai sunlight.. oru koodai moonlight..
enna da ethu.. but song is kalakal..

Tom Praison said...

hmm cool lyrics.. i wud hav heard it over a 50 times.. but i didnt know it had such a good lyrics..