Sunday, July 17, 2011

Deiva Thirumagal Review

This is one of the best movies I have ever watched till date. I have this feeling of greatness when I walk out of a theatre from an emotional movie without shedding tears. I have cried lastly after watching Nayagan when I was 51/2 years old in DD in Pune. I have not cried after that in a theatre. I even escaped crying for 'Tare Zameen Par' as it was controllable for me. But Deiva Thirumagal was too emotional and I felt audience would not do justice if they do not shed atleast a tear drop watching this movie.

The heart of the movie is in a village called Avalanche near Ooty. Art direction and cinematography make it look like a village in Switzerland, hats off for that. And how much ever I talk about Vikram, it would not be enough. Krishna, the character played by him is so likeable that you just go nuts watching him on screen. Nila, played by Sara, is cute, beautiful and so admirable. I was thinking of Vishal bagging an award for Avan Ivan for his performance, but truly what Vikaram has done here will put a huge question mark on whether the former would be possible. Even Vishal would agree to that.

The other characters who hold the script together have been penned down so well that you don't feel irritated even with a single one of them. Anushka, Amala Paul, Bhaskar, his wife, Vikrams friends have all done an extra ordinary job. Santhanam, is his usual and fits in so well to make us laugh. The tea-coffee scene and the hotel room door knocking scene are worth mentioning. GV Parakash Kumar started to haunt me slowly and after the final court scene, moments before the father and daughter hug, a small bit of the BGM just sweeps you away. The innocence in "Kadha solla poren" song is so realistic that you never want that song to end.

Excluding the climax, the other scenes that just blew me away were the scene where Vikram and his friends buy shoes for Sara, the scene when the boy kisses Vikram after the poetry competition and the scene where Sara for the first time says Appa.

Director Vijay has given his best work till date. Adaptation from 'I am Sam' does not make me write this script off. Population of TN is around 10 crore and not everyone would love to watch 'I am Sam'. What Vijay has done is made everyone go back and call up their relatives and ask them to watch this movie. We, in the theatre gave him a standing ovation, I am sure everyone would have clapped after the movie.

Deiva Thirumagal is a feel good, emotional entertainer that would sweep you away and if you had forced someone to come with you to the theatre, I can definitely bet that someone would have thanked you for doing so.


Vijesh said...

After reading multiple facebook status updates and few reviews, I had high hopes for the movie. Not sure if a different version was screened in Chennai, the movie did not meet its expectation. Vikram, Sara, Santhanam were the highlights according to me. Court scenes could have been more serious keeping in mind the impact the movie wanted to give. Its an commercial entertainer/family subject lacks the seriousness. Like a totally unrelated song after Vikram hugs Anuska (which had no connection even in the climax), though I loved it for its technicality and Anuska. :) Also what's the point of not letting Vikram also stay with the girl in Swathi's house, like working somewhere else he would have been here and under the guardianship of swathi and her dad!

Felt the story line or direction did not make justice to Vikram's acting!

DK said...

Vijesh - You have given a good analysis, a way different perspective.
I felt the court scenes were not very serious because it signifies the reality of court proceedings in the country, ie, it is far away from truth.

The song was may be for two reasons: 1) To confuse audience on how the climax is going to be and 2) To justify Banu's stance that a girl can indeed fall in love with a guy like Krishna.
Climax was a bit off and could bring up a lot of arguments amongst viewers, I agree.
The reason I liked the movie is because an art film like subject was presented like a commercial movie w/o much commercial elements but I would definitely take your perspectives too.