Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oats Upma

Oatmeal is prescribed to be one of the best breakfasts given our current lifestlye. But, I generally do not prefer oatmeal as I hate its taste and stickiness and I prefer to totally avoid it if I knew it has been added to milk making it sweeter too.
So, for folks like me, one of my friends suggested his own recipe for a spicy oat upma(kichadi).
I tried his recipe and found it very tasty. I am crazy for spicy food and hence I enjoyed it. It is very simple and would take just 2-3 minutes of your time.
Here goes the magic oat upma recipe:

1) Salt
2) Pepper
3) Oats (quaker and others available in market).
4) Noodles taste maker.

How to cook:
1) Take a cup of oats.
2) Add 3-3.5 cups of water. Always, 1:3 or 3.5 oats to water ratio.
3) Heat it on high flame and stir.
4) Add pinch of salt.
5) Add pepper to the amount you would like to spice it up.
6) After the oats start sticking out, add 1-1.5 tea spoons of veg noodle taste maker, preferably, Knorr's taste maker.
7) stir for 1 minute.

That is it. Eat it when hot and the enjoy the spicy taste.

I completely understand that oats with milk add better value to your breakfast than this oat upma. But if you want to enjoy your breakfast and still make sure its healthy, this is a very good option.
Just try it once and let me know. Thanks to my friend whose name I would reveal after he gets married.


kals said...

the big reason i eat oats or corn flakes is to avid spending time on cooking :-).. But this recipe sounds really good. Great going chef!

sagopal said...

What a coincidence . I tried this a week back & it was absoultely awesome. I did add onion,tomato too. Its definitely a healthy breakfast option for those who don't like an american breakfast or even oats. I hate oats to the core , but this one with all the garnish never feels like its oats.

DK said...

@Kals, true, quick breakfast has become need of the hour.
@Gops, another coincidence : We both are trying this only after marriage :P...I too will try with onions...

Sankar said...

Oats, milk, chilli powder / garlic paste = Easily Eatable (than the horrible plain oats + milk)

Garlic paste is very easy to get in the super markets.