Monday, October 19, 2009


I used to be atleast 50% more active in college than what I am now. It is quite evident with the number of posts I have been able to write. Its just a very abnormal measure as I used to write none in college, still was active enough. But I would consider it a reasonable enough measure for the survival of this blog :) .
Its neither that I do not have anything to write nor that writing blogs does not interest me. Just some laziness to write. Will I overcome this? To have a check on my laziness(rather activeness), I have decided to judge it based on the number of posts/month.
The count should be minimum 6 to prove I am active enough; lets see.
For October, excluding this crap, the activeness threshold is minimum three.


Vijesh said...

oru velai kalyanam ana ipidi thano! :)

Sankar said...

One reason could be: Facebook has eaten a big share of your blog time.

The mentality of: If you can micro-blog why bother blogging.

DK said...

@Vijesh : I wanted to put a disclaimer that the reason is definitely not marriage, but I forgot :P.

@Sankar : Looks like a good reason. Let me take time atleast till October end to come up with a conclusion.

Abhimanyu said...