Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I jus dunno what I am writing

Am so fed up with the training sessions am attending that I decided I would write some crap here, instead of thinking of what to do.
Lets talk about life, is what I feel now. LIFE, I sometimes imagine why people are so desperate to spoil the peace or to do something out of the world in such a short span of say 65-80 years.
I sometimes feel, life is huge, there are so many days you remember to cherish and wai to occur. but on the contrary, a weird feeling also develops that may be life is too small, which drags me into a position where I feel like spending most of the time available. This thought is the reason sometimes for me waking up early, making me think whether am wasting some precious time sleeping. I know its weird, but am bored in this classroom and I have decided am gonna blaber, and u guys are gonna read ahead.
"Saagara Naal Therinji Pochu na Vaazhra Naal Naragam Aayidum, Sandhosham than Mukkiyam", is the line from the trailer of Sivaji- THE BOSS. And its quite true.
Alarmingly, I still donot understand the reason for most of the problems that becomes the part of life. Everyone knows the span of life, why not share then???
the trainer has left us, we can go for lunch, so enough of my vrap. Wil talk about Indian Democracy in my next post, Chal Seeya...


Vijesh said...

Posted in a training room! :)
Everyone starts to think about life. Or the epidemic of loneliness is spreading soon which makes many post on similar topic.

But then, I can say its co-incidence but many around me write something around the same core!
Long way to go, before we know our expiry date!

VV said...

:) :).

everyone does this once in a become bored of everything and start thinking what is this life?? . Its always dependent on your day... anyways i like it.

DK said...

Precisely Said Both of you...

Vijay said...

oru vetti dog eludhi iruku.. adha vera vetti dog aatam naanum padichen... enaku idhum venum innamum venum ;-)
Bajji saptadhu podhum da status maathu da