Friday, April 24, 2009

Dhoni - Why are you spoiling my local Chennai team???

What an irony that the most successful captain of the Indian national side is at least 70% responsible for the unbearable and ridiculous combination of the Chennai Super Kings IPL team this year.
I am pissed off with Dhoni due to:

1) The fact that the local TN players are not given a point to prove in the side.
2) If Dhoni has some personal problem with Badrinath, he could at least relieve him from the team, so that Badri could join some other franchise where he would be respected for his middle order batting skills at no 4.
3) Promoting himself at no 4 where he is dumb and useless, just keeps rotating his bat as if he is preparing payasam.
4) Picking R. Ashwin in the main XI as specialist spinner and not giving him a single over. Also, letting him bat at no 11.
5) Batting order decision in all three matches was pathetic, the main reason for losing 2 games.

Flintoff and Morkel have been useless so far. Mr Dhoni, please come out of your ego and dumbness, give chance to some good openers like Vidyut, Badri. Else, please leave our local team and go join some franchise where you will be worshiped. We will be very happy to play with local players and small names rather than losing respect.


sampathkumar said...

Man!! Those are the exact fuming words I've been telling everyone I meet, for a week.. I couldn't stand the fact that Parthiv Patel gets his chance in the opening slot, but Abhinav Mukund , Vidyut and Badrinath are not getting any.. Parthiv really contributed in only some 2 or 3 matches in IPL 2008. Badrinath was made to open in 1 match and he hit a wonderful half century.. and played well in the middle order.. Badrinath is one of the top 10 highest scorers in Ranji trophy and Duleep trophy for so many years. If he is not given any chance in the India team, atleast give him a chance in Chennai team.
Also I don't understand why Joginder Sharma is even in the squad...Bcoz he bowled well in the final match of T20 world cup doesn't mean that he is better than a lot of experienced and talented players.
Only 2 Chennai players play in Chennai Super kings team.. That even Badrinath bats at No.7

sagopal said...

IPL is International Premier league.

Gng forward - we will see very less representation of local players.All local players will be sitting in the dugout (waterboys)

Major Club cricket events will be like this. I guess - Football which is a very different sport also must have very less local representation for most popular clubs

Talking about the CSK-DD match - Esp Flintoff & Albie Sent CSK to the grave. Freddie isnt worthy of such a high bid.But no doubt we are a good team , though we lost 2 games( both were close ones)

The main thing is winning the toss. I bet you CSK will win all games from now on , if we win toss & bat first.

Sankar said...

Dhoni has forgot how to hit sixers. He should take a leaf out of Goni's book.

Flintoff is thinking that this IPL stint as a vacation time.

Parthiv Patel is the most overrated opener. And atleast for maintaining Left-right combination, Badri should be promoted up the order to number 3 instead of Raina.

I dont have much regards for vidyut, aniruddha etc. based on their past performances. But definitely the only reason for Joginder Sharma to be in the team is bcos he is Dhoni's fav.

I believe people just stop associating matches with cities and make it an international premier league so that we can watch some quality cricket (and clash of egos)

Srihari said...

I understand your agony that our local people are getting spoiled and not getting a chance. But am a big fan of Dhoni's captaincy, which i personally believe the he has the capability to get the team back on track.
The same team reached the finals of the IPL last time under Dhoni's captaincy, the team had Badrinath, Vidyut and set of other TN ranji players.I never read any comment about his captaincy on the way he rallied the TN players during the last IPL season.
During the post match conference he mentioned that Flintoff should learn how to bowl in the fag overs. As a big fan of CSK i believe they are lead by a good captain, who can change things.

Kishore said...

I can understand how the way u like ur chennai local team but i can say its not full of Dhoni's fault except for not moving Badri's position. I think joginder is bowling his best and also better than other the franchise players. We can say as such the team is not at its best this time. Hope it ll improve its performance moving head.

DK said...

There you go...

Yeah it has been so internationalized, but the fact that only 4 foreign players can play in the main XI surely could be utilized well for locals.

There is an opener called Murali Vijay, who was given just one chance in the 4th test against Autralia when Ghambir was out and he performed really well. He is a definite replacement for Parthiv.
I do not know what to talk about Jogindher Sharma here :) ...

Dhoni has been great for India, but his partiality is very evident here. It would be nice if he forgets about stupid luck and picks a balanced side. Hope Chennai wins the other matches.

Yeah yeah, he has been very economical so far, thats why Dhoni has given him just one over in the last 2 games and he went for 10 and 8 respectively. Now don't reply back saying he ia a good batsman and is like Kallis :) ...

Unknown said...

I'm not a fan of Joginder. But looking at the way he bowled in current IPL season I would say, he's is a good option. First match he is the most economical. Second match we won it, but he bowled just one over. Third match he bowled one over giving 8 runs where the likes of flintoff and morkel where giving away runs like 14 and 15. But he was never given an over more. I suppose he was not in the team as a specialist batsman! Such was the captaincy of Dhoni. I don't say he's a bad captain, I agree he is the best we have got. He should utilize the resources given/available to him. Have faith in our local guys. In this case Warne is the best. It's so nice to see, how he had enormous faith in the local lad kamran khan, who came out so beautifully.