Sunday, February 8, 2009

Naan Kadavul - Review

First of all, If you want to enjoy this movie, have a open mindset. Any movie could be criticized, I would like to take the positives of the movie. Firstly, I liked the two faces of the movie. One is about aghoris and their lifestyle and what their ideology is. Bala could not open up fully in this case as censor board would never allow him to show or even mention that they feed on corpses. Second is the life of beggars, what difficulties they face and how they are marketed to date like slaves. Why I liked them most is because they are real, ruthlessly real.

Aarya has suited perfectly to the role. His height and skinny body has given him the perfect look. Pooja too has acted exceptionally. But the best actor(s) award would go the numerous handicapped and old men/women who have acted with so much dedication. The comedy sequences involving them is awesome and so practical that I started wondering whether to laugh or think. Hats off to Bala. The best thing about the movie is our realization of the fact that we know these beggars exist and their life is miserable, but we never realize it so much. Bala makes us reach that level.

One positive thought while watching the movie was everyone knew for sure the "Mottai" chapter is over when our hero meets him. Aarya would thrash him to death. That makes you feel good and you keep waiting for that moment. Some scenes in the climax were censored. Pooja's dialogues in the last scene when she pleads for mercy is so touching and is the reality and what Aarya does to her after that, only Bala can do it.

When I heard the songs, except for Om Siva om, I did not like the other songs. I realized in the movie, the reason for these numbers, all are songs sung by beggars.

Great job Bala. I am sure many won't like this movie. But for people who want to see something different but real, even though reality hurts you a lot, go for it. For people who are very emotional and cannot face reality so easily, please go for it with a positive mindset. The movie would be adorable. Even if you donot like the movie, it is worth your money. At least you did not waste it on crappy masala.


Unknown said...

Tempting... think i shud watch it ... giving me company ??


DK said...

Yeah sure...hope it releases here...

Pradeep Prem Kamal said...

Yes true, movie is not masala but its of truth. would say he choosen two different sections like Aarya being a aghoris and his life style and another one of beggars life. But he has not done a very good job of linking properly these two. Sometimes the comedies are good but don't know whether to laugh or not. Some secens you can't even imagine in real life.

You feel like documentry for sometime in the first half :-). But it was a bold attempt by Bala to take such movie. If you want to watch go with the strong open mind.