Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Writing after a very long time.

Its been pretty long since I started writing a blog, do not know why, though. suddenly realized its bad not to write your own blog, so have jumped in to waste electronic paper. So what is that am going to talk about? Let see, man I have been thinking for more than 15 minutes. Ok, yeah, this is about a bunch of 4-5 guys who planned a trip to Hyderabad. Hold on, this is not about Saroja, its about a group of software geeks who spend all their time in Bangalore and have been planning a trip to Hyderabad from don't know how long.

The preparations started on Aug 2007 and I am writing this on Oct 15 th, 2008. The last reason I heard from them is an agent who promised them KSRTC bus tickets, but all of a sudden over priced the fare. So, its will be yet another vice versa trip to Bangalore which I am planning in November. Lets see if this works out at least or I am sure I'll end up making one of those geeks write a blog about me. :)

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Srihari said...

I know about these guys its really mean of your friends on not coming to Hyderabad.
I feel really sorry for you. Maybe the same way it happened for people in Saroja movie, it could have happened here too...