Tuesday, July 24, 2007

European Grandprix 2007.

The European grandprix last sunday was a dramatic event, with so many incidents happening all around the track, during the entire span of the race.
Some of the action and trauma:
  1. Hamilton crashes in qualifiers.
  2. Raikonen's Ferrari crawls to a halt in a stage where he was driving great.
  3. Markus Winkelhock making his debut for Spyker-Ferrari had the wet tyres before the start of the race and during the rain time when everyone were in pits to change tyres, this guy was leading the race for almost 2 laps, until the safety cars arrived. What a momemt for a spyker driver making his debut and still manages to lead the race for 2 laps.
  4. Kimi going into pits to change wet tyres, but suddenly comes out and continues the race. He was actually was giving way for Massa to change tyres as they were very close to each other. Kimi would have wasted nearly 5-6 seconds in that.
  5. A series of clashes, and the only person to slightly escape was Hamilton during rain.
  6. The best moment came in the last 10 laps when the rain God made it clear to the Ferrari team they are not going to win. Fernando Alonso was nearly 6 seconds behind Massa, but overtook him after a heart-pounding chase. What a great sight it was. To provide you with the same pleasure, here is the video of Alonso overtaking Massa.

  7. After the race Massa had lots to talk about Alonso, obviously he felt it was unacceptable for Alonso to overtake him so closely. but as far as Alonso was concerned, he had it. Fernando Alonso, The European Grand Prix Winner.


Karthik said...
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Vijesh said...

Yes indeed an event full race! This season is heating up! :)

Srihari said...

The Scarlet Ferrari is missing their champion driver Schumi.. It was a great european grand prix was indeed filled with lots of excitement..

Alonso is driving the best of his career but i believe he needs to solve lots of disputes between him and Mclaren .. This makes an interesting switch over for alonso next season , will have to wait 'n c what happens...

The Ferrari with the combination of Massa and Kimi are not doing great themselves.. Kimi looks to me a slow starter indeed , seems to be working around like tortoise "slow and steady"..

Hamilton is having a dream run of his career .. A rookie from Britain seems to do much of the talking ..
He has already done 9 podium finishes and half the number of pole positions ..

It would be a cat and rat finish this season , maybe the ferrari's strategy needs to be revised for the last 6 races ..